November 2023, at the historic Citadel. Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo Off Biennale, Something Else III

Machinia: I both leak and receive. perfectly happy, in a circle, complete. 

Installation. A mechanical structure made from textiles, rugs, tissue, leather, metal, wood, bones, and water. Activated by the audience by spinning a wheel with seven arms, the textiles are soaked in water, slapped, and moved over the wall and the floor.

A machine that operates through interaction, dictating movement, flow, and material as a living process to create a being, an event, and sound. While creating the work, I thought about the relationship between the living and the dead, the spiritual and the consumable, between containment and leakage, labor, gender, and autonomy. I investigate and reflect on these tensions by harboring and controlling material outflows. This wheel becomes spherical and spreads outwards - both in its claim on the viewer's muscles as a power resource for the machine to move and affect the space and the dripping, slapping soundscapes that move through the air.

Cairo Off Biennale, Something Else III

Head curator: Simon Njami

Arranged by: Darb1718

Persistence Through Joy is curated by Power Ekroth and Sara Rossling

The exhibition and international exchange are supported by the Swedish Arts Council by IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee┬┤s International Programme for Visual and Applied Arts.